Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 5 ~ San Diego with the Mortons!

Blake and Breckin

Evan and Breckin walking out to boogie board

Evan, Kaiden, Breckin

Blake skimboarding

Evan warming up

Kendall & Breckin building a huge hole

Breckin, Kaiden, Blake, Evan, Kendall

@ Belmont Park

All 5 kids in the hurricane simulator (Kendall is below Evan being hugged by him)

Breckin & Blake

Evan & Kaiden

Kendall & Evan on submarine ride
On Friday we drove south to San Diego and spent the afternoon/evening with our friends the Mortons. Breckin is Blake's friend from school and we enjoyed spending time with his brother Kaiden, parents Dorothy and Iain and Dorothy's parents Phyllis and Jerry. We spent the afternoon at the beach near the beach house that they rented then we went to dinner and Belmont Park. Belmont Park is an amusement center with a rollercoaster (the old wooden rickety kind) and lots of games and attractions. Kendall enjoyed the carousel and then submarine ride with Evan. Gary took the boys on the roller coaster minus Evan. They all had a blast! It was a very fun day spent with great friends!

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