Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Outstanding Achievement Award

Evan received an Outstanding Achievement Award for All Academic Areas from his first grade teacher, Ms. Scragg. At the assembly, she told everyone that Evan finishes all of his work on time and completes all assignments and that he is outstanding in all his studies. We're very proud of you Evan!! Keep up the good work!
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It is Robot week for first grade at Evan's school. Evan had to build a robot out of recycled materials and it could not be more than 2 feet tall. His robot was about an inch taller!! Tomorrow at school we're invited to go see all the robots on display. Gary and Evan took about 2 and a half hours to build it. Evan named him "lightning."
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Evan is Seven

Evan turned seven on February 15th. He celebrated his birthday on President's Day so he had the day off school. We went to the park and In N Out for lunch and then basketball practice followed by dinner at Islands with the Giordano family. His birthday party was on Valentine's Day at the AMF bowling alley. His friends Chase, Ethan and Colin came and bowled with him. Each boy won a game! We had pizza and the big top cupcake Mommy made. We hope you had a wonderful 7th birthday Evan!! Hope seven is the best year yet! Love you!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kendall pics

Here are some Kendall pics that I took this week when she got her hair cut. I played around adding text to the photos. She's at such a fun and sweet age!
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They do love each other...

Kendall's favorite book is "Brown Bear Brown Bear" and I discovered Evan reading it to her. It was a very sweet and kind sibling moment.

Blake's 9th Birthday

Blake enjoyed steak (his favorite food) at Outback Steakhouse on his birthday. Then he had 3 friends over for a slumber party. Gary took them to the movies and they saw "The Blind Side" and stayed up til 2:15 a.m. He requested the big top cupcake for his birthday cake. He saved his birthday money and bought an IPOD Nano which he is loving!
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nine Years

After 18+ hours of labor, Blake William was born at 4:31 p.m nine years ago today.

I'll always remember:

How tired I was.

How Gary and I cried together when he was born.

How alert he was.

How I didn't think my world could get any better.

How much I loved the apple juice, ginger ale and sprite concoction they gave me after labor.

How I immediately loved him.

And look at him now! Nine years old. Loves basketball + cartoons. Silly. Kind. Smart. Happy.

Happy Birthday to the one that made me a mother first. I love you Blake! Happy Ninth Birthday...may all your dreams come true!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stuffington Bear Factory

On Monday, February 1st our local MOMS Club visited the Stuffington Bear Factory. We had a guided tour and then the kids were able to make a bear. There are only 2 bear factories in the country so we're lucky one is here in Phoenix. We had about 40 of us there and it was tons of fun! Kendall named her bear "Kendall."
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Great Grandma and Uncle Ron's Visit to AZ

Great Grandma visited AZ for two weeks mid January. She stayed with Aunt Anita in Sun City. Uncle Ron was also visiting from MN and drove the ladies around. We had dinner at Deer Valley Airport and also ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. It was wonderful to spend time with family!