Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy 4th birthday to the best surprise!

Today Kendall turned 4! We gave her a pink and purple (her favorite colors) glitter bike. She rode it around the kitchen and loves it! We had pink cupcakes and ate dinner at Red Robin. It was her last day of preschool at her current school then we met friends for lunch. Michelle Cole took Addie and Kendall and got their toes and fingernails painted! It was her first trip to the salon! All in all it was a fabulous fourth birthday for our sweet girl!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

Evan football player and Kendall Snow White. Blake went trick or treating with a friend and they made their costume that afternoon. I haven't seen photos yet. He and his friend Breckin made a double headed ghost costume! We trick or treated and handed out candy with our neighbors Lisa and Josh. Kendall is posing between their twin girls Ella and Kadyn. Evan and their son Jonny went trick or treating together. They got a ton of candy and had a fun night!

Kendall's Preschool Costume Parade

Kendall's preschool celebrated Halloween with a costume parade and a party. She dressed as Snow White. The teachers all dressed as different colors M&Ms. It was cute to see all the costumes and celebrate Halloween with her classmates!

Gary's 44th Birthday!

Gary celebrated #44 on October 4th. The kids and I made his birthday cake and decorated for him. We made his favorite dinner and had a fun family party!

Day 2: Evan's baseball tournament

Luckily the second game of the tournament was close to home. They played two games on day 2 and lost both games. The last game they lost by one run and Evan was tagged out at home. It was a tough loss and he took it hard but hopefully he learned by from it.

Evan's baseball tournament

Evan plays for a travel baseball team named the Firebirds. They had a tournament in Gilbert near Andrea's house. Andrea, Grandma, and Grandpa all came to watch and cheer Evan's team. Sadly his team lost both games!

Eating Blake's catch!

Blake was so proud of his salmon! He helped prepare, bbq and then eat it!