Sunday, August 30, 2009


Yesterday we went to Sunsplash in Mesa. We had a blast! The boys rode all the slides including the Sidewider, Cauldron, and the Master Blaster. Blake and I rode the Hurricane which was pitch black almost the entire way! We all enjoyed riding the waves at Thunder Bay Wave Pool. Kendall enjoyed the Toddler Tad Pond where she slid down the small slides but she didn't like the huge water bucket that dumped water. Now that made her cry! We also rode the lazy river. We were there for 6.5 hours and had a fun day at the water park!
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saguaro Lake

We spent Saturday boating at Saguaro Lake. We'd both forgotten how beautiful the lake is and enjoyed the scenery. The temperature was surprisingly cool and we had a lot of fun. Thanks to Tom and Travis Westman for the invitation. The boys loved the tube. They had gone last summer on the boat and tubed. They couldn't get enough of it. Gary wakeboarded but we left the camera in the car so I didn't take any photos. Kendall didn't like the tube so much. She cried and I could hear her yelling "Mommy" the entire time! Poor baby. It was a fun and relaxing day on the lake!

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20 months

Yesterday we went boating with friends of ours Tom and Travis Westman. It was Kendall's first time on the lake. The first 20 minutes she was moaning and whining. Then she had a snack and voila all better! She turned 20 months yesterday. It's hard to believe in 4 months she'll turn 2. Kendall is a dancing queen! She loves to dance and hear music. She loves the water, her brothers, Elmo, Princess shoes, pushing her baby stroller and wagon. She's talking a lot and screaming too. She can be loud! We had a blast on the boat and the lake was beautiful!
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Monday, August 17, 2009

First day of First and Third Grades

Blake has Mrs. Molina for 3rd grade and Evan has Ms. Scragg. Both boys enjoyed their first day of school and came home with homework. Evan scored 10/10 on his first spelling test and only has to take the challenge spelling words on Friday's test!
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Camping trip

This weekend we went camping with my Dad (Grandpa) to Jones Crossing. It is located on the Mogollon Rim past Pine and Strawberry. The last photo of Kendall was taken shortly after we arrived on Friday arrived. Less than an hour later she fell down the camper steps and hit her face on a large rock. It swelled fast and the next day her eye and cheek were fat. Today it scabbed over and the swelling is gone. Poor baby one side of her face is perfect and the other side looks like she returned from battle! There were hundreds of cows in the area where we camped. On Saturday about 10 ranchers came and herded up the cows and took them to the corrals for branding. We watched them brand and give injections to the baby cows. They also cut off their balls on the male cows. It was brutal to watch. Then we heard the cows cry all night trying to find their babies and mommies. Kendall loved the cows and kept saying "cow" and pointing and "mooing" at them. It was fun to watch the ranchers hard at work roping the cattle and herding them but sad to see the baby cows being branded and banded. We had a blast on our camping trip. Thanks Grandpa for hosting us!

Dan & Becca, 8-8-09

We were in Denver for Dan Collins wedding to Becca Ambrose on August 8th. Kendall was crabby during the wedding so I took her to the lobby and missed it. Gary videotaped the wedding and Evan was in charge of taking photos. The above photo of Becca and her Dad is the best one! It was a beautiful wedding so hopefully we'll receive some photos to add to the blog soon. Congrats Dan and Becca!
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Denver vacation

Blake, Emily, Grace, Kayla, Kendall & Evan

Cole, Clayton, Blake, Kendall - top row
Carson, Evan, Zachary, Mason - bottom row

Bridgette & Kendall

Evan, Casper, Blake, Bridgette & Kendall
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