Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Evan's End of Year Class Party

Evan and Aiden

Vinnie and Evan

Evan and Mrs. Johnston (also Blake's 2nd grade teacher)

Tomorrow is the last day of school for 2010-2011 school year. Today they're having their end of year classroom parties. Evan thought today was crazy hair day. It was pajama day. He got that part right! He has a fun class and a great teacher!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blake's Science Fair Project

Blake decided to do a science fair project which involved using fish. Both of us were against this for quite a few reasons. Blake finally talked us into it. He took two goldfish and kept them in separate tanks. Then he took them both into a dark room and shined a black light on one fish. His hypothesis was:  Do fish turn black, white, or stay the same color by shining a black light on them or does darkness have the same effect? He predicted that shining fish one who he named Rockstar with the black light would turn white. Rockstar didn't turn white and unfortunately he passed away. Monster aka fish two did not turn white either when he was left in the dark room. Yesterday afternoon the parents were invited to see all the science fair projects at the school. There were some great ideas and then quite a few how quick does an ice cube melt and what cleans a penny projects! The kids did a great job. And I'm happy to report that Monster is doing well and lives in an aquarium on my kitchen counter! 

My Confirmation

Dana & Katy

Brady & Breana with our kids

I was confirmed on May 7th at St. Rose Catholic Church. I was never confirmed as a teenager and decided it was time to do it. My friend Dana was my sponsor and my confirmation name is Gianna after St. Gianna Beretta Molla. St. Gianna was a Catholic Wife, Mother, and Doctor, and she was canonized by the Pope in Rome on May 16, 2004. It was a beautiful ceremony and I was surrounded by Gary, Blake, Evan, Kendall, my parents, sister, Dana, Bill, Brady and Breana.

a new do



Kendall and her friend Addie decided to give each other haircuts one morning. Kendall had her hair cut first and then as Kendall was starting to cut Addie's hair Michelle caught them. Kendall's hair took the brunt of the haircuts. Michelle handed me a bag full of Kendall's hair! She was so worried that Gary and I would be mad that her hair was cut. We weren't we actually thought it was funny! Kendall got her hair cut the next day and it looks really cute!!

Happy Easter 2011!!

We went to Easter services with Grandma at her church. Then Grandma had a mini egg hunt on her patio for Blake, Evan and Kendall. Afterwards we celebrated Easter at Auntie and Uncle Jeff's house and had another egg hunt. This egg hunt was a big one! The kids swam in their pool but it was cold so they didn't swim for long. The weather was beautiful and we ate our Easter dinner on their patio.

Easter Eggs

We colored eggs on 4/23 and the kids enjoyed it. I made 18 eggs and probably could have made 100! This was the first year that Kendall was able to dye and color eggs (with a little help from Daddy). The eggs were colorful and some had words and patterns drawn on them.

MOMS Club Easter Egg Hunt

We had our annual MOMS Club Easter Egg hunt on April 18th. Kendall ran to collect eggs. She was on a mission and succeeded! She also enjoyed a cupcake with bright pink frosting!

Blake's Guitar Recital

Blake had his guitar recital on April 13th. He had been taking lessons at the local recreation center for 6 weeks. They were group lessons and thus a group recital so you could decipher Blake's guitar from another. They did a good job for only 6 weeks worth of lessons. Blake has continued with the lessons and hopefully at the next recital will show some improvement. And yes Evan was as bored as he looks in these photos!

Blake's Blue Jays game!

These were taken on April 11th at Blake's baseball game. He was pitching this game. He typically pitches at least one inning per game. He throws quite a few strikes but unfortunately has also hit some kids. I guess that's the nature of the game. It's fun to watch him pitch!

Kendall's Ballet and Tap Dance Recital

Better late than never! Kendall had her ballet and tap recital on April 9th. This time she participated and it was adorable!! She is registered for the class this summer.