Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First day of 2010-2011 school year!

Monday, August 16th was the first day of school for Blake and Evan. Blake entered 4th grade and Evan 2nd grade. Evan has the same 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Johnston (former Miss Templeton) that Blake had. And Blake's teacher's name is Mrs. Hoernig. She comes highly recommended so should be a good year for Blake and also Evan! Kendall was so sweet and wanted to hug her brothers when they went into their classrooms. Blake was embarrassed but let her and Evan stood up and gave her a big hug. She keeps saying "I go to baby school." I think she'll be ready to go to school soon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spokane & Seattle Vacation

riding the light rail to downtown SeattlePike Public MarketThe first ever Starbucks!the fish market  Mariners V Yankeescousins in the bath!Woodland ZooAlki Beach
While in Seattle, we went to Pike Market downtown and a Mariners/Yankees baseball game. The children and Dads (Gary ran with Kendall and Uncle Jason with Henry) ran the bases after the game. We took the kids to the Seattle Woodland Zoo which was like a jungle. It's a pretty zoo. We walked along Alki beach, ate fish n chips and played in the rocks/sand. Seattle is a beautiful city! We also spent time in Spokane where Uncle Jason, Aunt Jill, and Henry live.                    

Priest Lake, Idaho

We flew to Spokane, Washington mid July to spend our summer vacation with Jason, Jill and Henry. It was our first time meeting Henry and we had so much fun with him. We spent some time in Spokane and then several days in Seattle. And we rented a house at Priest Lake which is about 85 miles from Spokane in northern Idaho. It was beautiful there. Jason borrowed a boat from one of his partners and we cruised the lake. My Dad came down from Montana where was staying and joined us at the lake.