Saturday, May 9, 2009

number seven

Blake lost his 7th tooth this week. We were all so glad it fell out. He kept playing with it and wiggling and jiggling and fingers in the mouth constantly. I kept telling him we're having a swine flu epidemic and your fingers are in your mouth way too much! He came running out of school one day and it was barely hanging on..he told me that he wanted it to fall out at lunch the next day. Later that night though it popped out while he was brushing his teeth. The next morning he came to me in tears because the tooth fairy forgot to leave $...oh no..we went and checked and found a dollar under his sheets at the bottom of the bed. Silly tooth fairy hiding his money like that :)
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Andrea said...

#7! Joshua has only lost 2. Weird! Tell him not to spend it all in one place :)

Michelle said...

That darn tooth fairy. Maybe she forgot her fairy dust to brighten up the room :)