Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kendall's favorite activity

Kendall loves the swing! She can swing for almost an hour! On April 22nd Kendall turned 16 months. It is going by so fast. She is so much fun and starting to say some words..mama, dah (Daddy), doggie, baby, uh oh, mmm (more). And she is a climber. She climbs on the kitchen table and on the first step of the boys bunk beds. Then she crawls thru and jumps on Evan's bunk! This week she had her first ear infection and boy was it sad. Kendall was lethargic and sad looking and didn't feel well at all. Her doctor kept telling her "you look so sad" during the appointment. They weighed her and she weighs 23 pounds and she stood on the big scale and cried. She either doesn't like big scale or to be weighed! Kendall likes to eat and her faves would be cheese, turkey, grapes, nutrigrain bars, yogurt, and lollipops! She sits in front of the boys waiting for licks when they have one!

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