Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am 13 months today!

I love...cheese, pointing, my brothers, going outside to play, my swing, knocking down the block tower, dancing to music, my fridge farm animal magnets, Mom's bedside cabinet drawer, the telephone, anything inside the cabinets, Daddy's office, stroller rides, mac n cheese, popsicles, being tickled, and lots of other things! Oh...and cheering for the NFC AZ Cardinals!!
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Cheryl said...

What a big girl! She sounds like Gentry...getting into everything. Gentry loves my bedside table. I think I put the most important things next to me at night and then I can't seem to find anything. Happpy 13 months to Kendall! She's a doll!

Andrea said...

That is so fun. Don't you just love having this to type down all the fun things she likes as she grows. Fun update!

Michelle said...

Happy 13 months Kendall Jo! Go Cards!