Sunday, October 26, 2008

The shoe

Kendall did not sit still on the wagon ride back from the pumpkin patch. All of a sudden Gary says there's Kendall's shoe behind us on the trail. Next thing we know Gary jumps off the wagon and runs, grabs it, and runs back. People were yelling "super Dad!" It was funny and I was able to take photos while wrestling Kendall on my one yelled "super Mom" to me though.

She's thinking...why is Daddy running so fast?

Run Daddy Run the boys yelled!
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Andrea said...

That is hilarious! I am so glad you got pics of that. So funny. We have gone on some shoe hunts at a few places :)

russellmaynard said...

Hilarious! Gone are the days of making out on the back of the wagon, huh!

Michelle said...

Thank goodness for Gary and those quick feet. And good thing mom can multi-task so well!

The Wades said...

That is so dang cute!! What a good sport he is! :)

Is it bad that, "Run Forest, run!" keeps popping in my head? ;) love you guys!