Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Uh Oh..time to Kendall proof

I left Kendall in the kitchen for a moment while I helped Evan with something in his room. I return to this...she's opened the cabinet door and attempting to climb inside.

There was something in her way so she opened the other door and found a marker...task accomplished and time to chew.

I found the door locks and no more fun kitchen cabinet times for Kendall.

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Andrea said...

Yep, it's time! We did that a few months ago but before we did Aubrey would empty out my tupperware every day. We still have one that is empty she loved to climb in and out of. Kendall is such a doll, love the dress!

Tara said...

Darn it! She got caught! :) Love the picture with a huge grin on her face and eating the marker. :)